Livre de poésie

Cela fait quelques temps que Bobby nous parle de son souhait d’écrire un livre de poésie, son projet s’est enfin concrétisé, celui-ci sera bientôt disponible en pré-commande, en attendant voici quelques poésies écrites par Bobby lui-même.

Poem 3

under some patchwork quilt that used to get used at the beach
you laid with me wondering if i would see you again
as you turned on your side some old sand fell onto your naked arms
ironically showing me the swift fall of time
your attention grew divided
with both a record player and TV flickering and playing in the background
some song i had never heard, by a band that wouldn’t matter
i said this and you said i was angry cause you were leaving in an hour
and to just be still and enjoy this moment
i threw a few nice words out under the cover
in time with an old alarm clock that helped you drift
to sleep and my words did the same
i just went.
i seemed to think i knew everything about you,
you didn’t know anything about me
you didn’t need to.

River sister

the river flowed against my weeping leg
scarred like the memories you once gave me
the reed’s coarse hairs split the tension and dread

always ending up here with the passing
gives me hope that things change and some times pass
i just want to see my sister dancing

the ledge of the banks is my helping hand
our grandfather carved them out with his spade
he never wanted you in the deep sand

the restlessness of my nature is true
especially here in mirrored nature
you lean and grow with every planted yew

i’m cold and numb inside this young river
and i’ll meet you here soon come the summer
you grow and i’ll be the one to wither.


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