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The show must go on : Bobby Long goes out with a bang during the blizzard (NY Folk Arts Examiner 21/12/09)

Bobby Long Plays Tonic Lounge in Portland (Audioholic Media 21/12/09)

Bobby Long Wraps Seven-Month North American Tour With Plans For 2010 CD And Tour (Anti Music 17/12/09)

‘Twilight’ helps sun rise on Long’s career (Lake County News-Sun 15/12/09)

Long moves out of ‘Twilight’ shadow (Courier-Journal 14/12/09) (2 pages)

Bobby Long gets acoustic all over 930 room (Louisville 11/12/09)

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Dallas welcomes back Bobby Long (Dallas WM Examiner 01/12/09)

A Gifted Young English Singer-Songwriter (Buzzine 01/12/09)


Bobby Long: Bard Of The Teen Vampires (NPR Music 30/11/09)

Bobby Long Review: “Twilight” Musician Brings His A-Game to the b.side Lounge — Playing the hi-dive in Denver Tonight (Colorado Daily 18/11/09)

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Bobby Long with Justin Lewis (Backseat Bar 11/11/09)

Q&A: ‘Twilight’ songwriter Bobby Long (The Circle 05/11/09)

Bobby Long is masterful, superb at 3rd & Lindsley Bar in Nashville: His love affair with a guitar (British PC Examiner 04/11/09)

Rob Pattinson, Sam Bradley, Bobby Long, Marcus Foster : Visiting the Ancient, Soulful Lands of Music (British PC Examiner 01/11/09)


CMJ – Thursday, October 22 – MadeLoud Underground Music (23/10/09)

Folk fun from Bobby Long to the Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase – NY Folk Arts Examiner (22/10/09)

Bleu is back and she’s interviewing Bobby Long – Fashion & Music from the Girls in the Know (20/10/09)

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Bobby Long, British Singer-Songwriter, will perform at Andrews Upstairs in Atlanta (Atlanta IM Examiner 05/10/09)

Un vaquero inglés fascinado por los toros – La Sexta Noticias (04/10/09)

The WatchingTheWest interview – Watching The West (10/09)


Bobby Long, Twilight troubadour (Clash Music 28/09/09)

Bobby Long returns to the Big Apple this fall – NY Folk Arts Examiner (25/09/09)

Bobby Long comes back just in time for the holidays – Chicago WM Examiner (22/09/09)

British Bobby Long shows gratitude for Americans and love for Leonard Cohen as he leaves for Europe (British Pop Culture Examiner 20/09/09)

Bobby Long sets the Firebird ablaze in St. Louis (St Louis Music Examiner 17/09/09)

Flipron has canceled their U.S. tour with Bobby Long; maybe fans should go to London to see them!
(British PC Examiner 17/09/09) 

Happy 24th birthday to Bobby Long, gangster, singer/songwriter, poet, cowboy on September 18th ! – BP Culture Examiner (15/09/09)

Bobby Long sets the folk on fire (NY Folks Arts Examiner 13/09/09)

Adios to folk star and British cowboy, Bobby Long, after a beautiful ride in the sunset… (British PC Examiner 12/09/09)

Hurry to Bobby Long’s shows and buy his “Dirty Pond Songs” as a collector’s item while you can ! (British Pop Culture Examiner (07/09/09)

Bobby Long brings his Dangerous Summer Tour back to NYC (NY Folk Arts Examiner 05/09/09)

Young singer’s in ‘Twilight’ of his career (Boston Globe 04/09/09)

Singer Bobby Long obtains Canadian visa for tour (Global Visas 02/09/09)

Rob Pattinson, Bobby Long and Marcus Foster bring back « Homeless Chic » as the new « black » for fall (British PC Examiner 02/09/09)

2009 AOUT

‘HopeStock’ Makes Sweet Harmony In The Hamptons (Hamptons 31/08/09)

Long’s Way to the Top is Aided By a Vampire Buddy (California Chronicle 31/08/09)

My moment with Bobby Long (Tampa CH Examiner 27/08/09)

Bobby Long at One Eyed Jacks (New Orleans 25/08/09)

Review : Bobby Long wins over the Twihards at Dunedin Brewery (Tampa Soundcheck 24/08/09)

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Bobby Long brings heartache, loneliness, love, stormy clouds and his British soul to Nashville (British PC Examiner 20/08/09)

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When sitting in the last row of the airplane is worth it (Yvette’s Inner Geek blog 14/08/09)

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Bobby Long and Marcus Foster: Power of the Fans (LA Weekly 05/08/09)

Song sang by Pattinson in ‘Twilight’ helps launch Bobby Long’s career (ABC 7 05/08/09)

BLOODY WELL DONE ! Bobby Long at UCSD tonight (Sign On San Diego 04/08/09)

Bobby Long, Marcus Foster, and 100 Monkeys at Poor David’s Pub (TwiExaminer 01/08/09)

How the Brit-Pack, Rob Pattinson, Sam Bradley and others are affecting American pop culture (British P.C . Examiner 01/08/09)


A warm charm (Turbula Jul09)

Meet and greet with Bobby Long, Marcus Foster, and Sam Bradley (TwiExaminer 31/07/09)

Bobby Long kicks off his Dangerous Summer Tour in New York (Kerri Maniscalco (31/07/09)

Bobby Long gets « dangerous » (Euro Talent Examiner 30/07/09)

Bobby Long, a travelin’ man (Philadelphia Generation Examiner 26/07/09)

Bobby Long to perform in Philly this Tues (Philadelphia IM Examiner 26/07/09)

Bobby Long talks to Daily Motion (TwiExaminer 26/07/09)

Feature Interview: Bobby Long (American Indie 24/07/09)

British singer-songwriter Bobby Long to perform at North Star Bar (The Intelligencer 23/07/09)

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Brits take over Texas (Dallas P. C. Examiner 14/07/09)

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Bobby Long interview (JitZul 07/07/09)

Get to know : Bobby Long (Chicago C. H. Examiner 01/07/09)

2009 JUIN

Bobby Long, Marcus Foster, and Sam Bradley announce Dallas aftershow party (TwiExaminer 16/06/09)

Bobby Long Basking In Twilight Fame (Radar Online 12/06/09)

Bobby Long (Indie Update 12/06/09)

Phil Taylor blogs about Berlin, Bobby Long (TwiExaminer 09/06/09)

Bobby Long live in London tonight streaming video of show online (TwiExaminer 04/06/09)

 2009 MAI

Music feature interview (Twilight Lexicon 31/05/09)

Getting to know : Bobby Long (Audioholic Media 27/05/09)

Musical crush for Bobby Long (Indie Musix 25/05/09)

Bobby Long plays with Flipron in London (TwiExaminer 08/05/09)

Bobby Long Shows/number 1 on Twitter (AltSounds (08/05/09)

2009 AVRIL

Bobby Long: The Rattle And Roll Of The Next Folk Legend -(American Indie 30/04/09)

Bobby Long and Marcus Foster pairing at TwiCon rescheduled to accommodate 100 Monkeys (TwiExaminer 29/04/09)

To be a fly on the wall : Bobby Long and Sam Bradley behind the scenes and off the stage (TwiExaminer 28/04/09) (1ère partie) (2ème partie)

Review : Bobby Long & Sam Bradley at 3rd Lindsley (Backseat Sandbar 27/04/09)

Songs of Bobby Long (Dossier Journal 27/04/09)

Interview with Bobby Long in Nashville (Backseat Sandbar 26/04/09)

Bobby Long, Sam Bradley in Nashville tomorrow (TwiExaminer 22/04/09)

Bobby Long Begins His Journey in the US, Read His Blog (Gossip Center 20/04/09)

Sam Bradley posts JibJab video of him and the “Brit Pack” (TwiExaminer 19/04/09)

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Update from Phil Taylor : Bobby Long loves New York and the USA tour, off to a great start (TwiExaminer 15/04/09)

A few minutes with Bobby Lon (Twilight Moms 14/04/09)

Bobby Long Interview At The Waldorf Astoria New York (Cullen Boys Anonymous 14/04/09)

Bobby Long hits the first show of his USA tour begins on Monday in New York (TwiExaminer 12/04/09)

Robert Pattinsons crew called the “Brit Pack” (TwiExaminer 10/04/09)

New song from Bobby Long : Windy Rush Blues (Audioholic Media 07/04/09)

Phil Taylor on Bobby Long, New Moon movie’s Rob Pattinson, Marcus Foster, & Up All Night Music (TwiExaminer 03/04/09) (1ère partie) (2ème partie)

Bobby Long goes 8 on iTunes with his hit new single “Left to Lie” (TwiExaminer 02/04/09)

2009 MARS

Twilight soundtrack coauthor Bobby Long gets a kiss (TwiExaminer 29/03/09)

Bobby Long and Marcus Foster make a splash in East London (TwiExaminer 27/03/09)

Bobby Long in for a great few weeks as deluxe Twilight soundtrack hits number 3 (TwiExaminer 25/03/09)

Bobby Long Recalls Time Spend with Robert Pattinson (Celeb9 21/03/09)

« Let me sign » coauthor Bobby Long exclusive interview (TwiExaminer 21/03/09)

Bobby Long Interview (Cullen Boys Anonymous 21/03/09)

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EP to be released later in the year (Altsounds 28/02/09)

Exclusive conversation with Bobby Long (Twilight News UK 20/02/09)

Introducing : Bobby Long (Audioholic Media 15/02/09)

Twilight Dawns a new day for 3 musician (Blast Magazine 02/02/09)


Interview with Bobby (Land of Dreamers 18/01/09)

London Met songwriter gets his teeth into Hollywood (London Metropolitan Unversity 14/01/09)


Calne musician’s song used for Hollywood blockbuster (Gazette & Herald 13/12/08)


London Songwriters’ Week (2009)

Audioholic media (2009)

Bobby Long artist review – Discollective (2009)